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Bridgeport cnc vertical milling machine with boss control under power

@@weblogBRIDGEPORT CNC VERTICAL MILLING MACHINE WITH BOSS CONTROL UNDER POWER & FOR SALE @ ROHNER MACHINERY SALES, INC At Rohner Machinery, we pride ourselves in giving the customer top quality new and pre-owned machines for every application. Located in Fullerton, California, Rohner Machinery is a full service machine tool distributor & rebuilder ready to meet any of your needs. We carry a wide variety o…

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Diy cnc milling machine mainly for pcbs and light milling

@@weblogNiko and I made a milling machine for easy prototyping. Mainly for PCBs and plastic/aluminium parts. We haven’t done accuracy testing, but 0,2mm traces are no problem for it. See the other videos for actual milling. Biggest cause of error is the coupling between the stepper motors and the threaded rods driving the device, and if more accuracy is ever needed it’s easily achieveable by changing them…