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Drilling Characteristics

Drilling Characteristics

The characteristics of drilling that set it apart from other powered metal cutting operations are:

* The chips must exit out of the hole created by the cutting.
* Chip exit can cause problems when chips are large and/or continuous.
* The drill can wander upon entrance and for deep holes.
* For deep holes in large workpieces, coolant may need to be delivered through the drill shaft to the cutting front.
* Of the powered metal cutting processes, drilling on a drill press is the most likely to be performed by someone who is not a machinist.

CNC Baron milling machine

The CNC Baron has a heavy-duty cast-iron body with dovetail ways on the square column for precise vertical alignment. It's a versatile bench top mid-size CNC mill made for primary or secondary CNC machining applications. This CNC machine is intended for the user WHO NEEDS IT ALL like the performance of a CNC Bridgeport-type size machine without taking up the floor space like larger CNC machinery. The CNC Baron Table Top Mill is a great purchase for machine shops, research institutions, colleges, universities, high schools, engineers who need to quickly prototype 3D parts, and one-man operations who need to mass produce hundreds of the same single part in their home garage-turned-shop. The CNC Baron Milling Machine makes a great investment tool for business owners who would rather save money by machining their own parts instead of contracting the order out. SAVE YOUR BUDGET, TIME, AND BEGIN CUTTING PARTS THE SAME DAY! The CNC Baron is made in the USA combining parts made in the USA…

esprit fx from dp technology

ESPRIT FX is the latest in advanced CAD to CAM feature exchange technology, included in ESPRIT 2007, which allows users to automatically capture the original design intent, clearly define what the user is machining, and program parts quicker and more accurately.
Going beyond transferring just the part geometry, the FX™ technology provides portions of the original CAD Feature Tree directly inside the ESPRIT user interface thereby including the complete original design intent – features, tolerances, material properties, surface finishes, administrative data, etc. Using the FX™ technology the CAD features and their associated properties are mapped into machinable features providing a complete definition of ‘what’ is being machined. These manufacturing features and their properties are then fed into the ESPRIT KnowledgeBase which aid the user in automatically selecting how to machine the part based upon existing best practices.

FANUC Series 0i / FANUC Series 0i Mate are the high reliable and high cost-performance CNCs.

FANUC Series 0i / FANUC Series 0i Mate are the high reliable and high cost-performance CNCs.
More (Brochure PDF file 4.82MB)FANUC Series 0i / FANUC Series 0i Mate are the high reliable and high cost-performance CNCs.

GE and Ingersoll Rand Launch Intelligent Building Automation Platform For Data Centers

E Intelligent Platforms and Ingersoll-Rand Plc (NYSE: IR) today announced the signing of a cooperative agreement to develop an automation platform to meet the energy and operational efficiency needs of data centers. The two companies will work together to develop intelligent offerings that include the world-class industrial solutions of GE and the industry-leading HVAC expertise of Trane, a business of Ingersoll Rand, a world leader in creating and sustaining safe, comfortable and efficient environments. “With data centers currently consuming 1.5 percent of the United States’ total electrical output, and expected to grow by 12% per year, productivity and efficiency in data centers is taking a front and center role,” said Maryrose Sylvester, President and CEO of GE Intelligent Platforms. “The goal of this agreement is to help customers around the world reduce operating costs, increase energy efficiency, and extend the life of assets.” GE and Ingersoll Rand will work t…

food packing robots

FANUC Robotics has a full range of picking, packing and palletizing robots for a complete solution. Designed to maximize your flexibility with built-in machine vision - iRVision. They offer high speed operation to increase your productivity. FANUC Robots also handle a wide variety of packaged or unpackaged products. We have the widest range of products and the most capable integrator partners in the industry.

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food packing robots food packing robots food packing robots food packing robots food packing robots

Robots from fanuc for Flexible convertible fixturing

The F-200iB is a six degrees of freedom servo-driven parallel link robot designed for use in a variety of manufacturing and automotive assembly processes. The F-200iB is engineered for applications requiring extreme rigidity and exceptional repeatability in a compact, powerful package.

F-200iB, the Solution for:

■ Sub-compact robot welding
■ Pedestal welding
■ Part loading/positioning
■ Nut running
■ Vehicle lift and locate
■ Flexible/convertible fixturing
■ Material Removal
■ Dispense


■ Provides flexibility and convertability – the ability to reprogram the F-200iB
facilitates rapid and costeffective model changeovers.

■ Reduces capital expense – F-200iB process solutions take less time and money to process and design. They also reduce tooling and build costs.

■ Lowers operating expense – using the F-200iB reduces tooling complexity, resulting
in less maintenance and down time.

■ Optimizes use of floorspace – the sub-compact F-200iB can fit in spaces too cramped for serial link robots.

■ Make…