Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Robots from fanuc for Flexible convertible fixturing

The F-200iB is a six degrees of freedom servo-driven parallel link robot designed for use in a variety of manufacturing and automotive assembly processes. The F-200iB is engineered for applications requiring extreme rigidity and exceptional repeatability in a compact, powerful package.

F-200iB, the Solution for:

■ Sub-compact robot welding
■ Pedestal welding
■ Part loading/positioning
■ Nut running
■ Vehicle lift and locate
■ Flexible/convertible fixturing
■ Material Removal
■ Dispense


■ Provides flexibility and convertability – the ability to reprogram the F-200iB
facilitates rapid and costeffective model changeovers.

■ Reduces capital expense – F-200iB process solutions take less time and money to process and design. They also reduce tooling and build costs.

■ Lowers operating expense – using the F-200iB reduces tooling complexity, resulting
in less maintenance and down time.

■ Optimizes use of floorspace – the sub-compact F-200iB can fit in spaces too cramped for serial link robots.

■ Makes it feasible to perform more welds per station, thus reducing the number of
stations per system.

■ New process possibilities – the F-200iB opens the door to new process solutions not
available with current tools.



■ Six degrees of freedom
■ Simple, robust, lowmaintenance
■ Electric AC servo motors
■ Precision gear drives
■ Fail-safe brake on each leg
■ Components protected from
weld flash, grease, chemicals
and water

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