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Syil X4 Plus CNC Mill

Syil X4 series represents a transformation from previous conversions to a complete ground up production of a true CNC masterpiece. This “little” mill, with its square column and cast base gives this benchtop mill cutting power that is hard to believe. Suitable for all materials including: titanium and hardened stainless steels. These later revision machines have undergone complete vetting of its electronics, drivers, and lubrication systems that ensures extended life and a reliable service record. One shot lubrication, double nut ball screws, customizable drivers, and industrial grade components make this a number one pick for a variety of tasks and skill level. All units are built in house to ensure uniformity and accuracy. All machines are easily upgradable, in the field and by the user, to CNC flood coolant, or even a CNC 4th. Other possibilities are digitizer, tool offset, or automated work lights. Affordability and produ…