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cnc turning simulation

A quick video from youtube to show the cnc turning simulatot software

2x4 CNC Cutting Machine by Torchmate

Machine size: 36.205"" x 36.705"".
Table type: Portable table top.
Model features: Small foot print, generic mounting plate to accept your chosen tool holder, portability.
Construction: 5-piece fabricated steel construction.
User controls: PC based control software with USB interface.
Input power: 15 amp/ 110 volt.Cutting area: 2'x4'.
Standard software: Torchmate driver software.
Requires torch holder

Robotic welding

Welding robots - video

DIY kit of CNC carving machine

You are looking at a DIY kit of a CNC carving machine. Now you can build your very own CNC carving machine to do relief carving, letter cutting, inlay and all other interesting features to enhance your woodworking, PCB or other projects.

The body of the machine is constructed with high density PVC boards. Steel guid rod, linear bearing and stainless steel lead screws are used to construct the moving parts. The anti-backlash brass nut design will virtually eliminate all backlashes. New Nema 23 motors(2 phases, 1.3A, 3.6V, 6 leads) for all three axis are also included. The install is very easy, if you have a bench vise and a power screw driver, that will really help. Install instruction CD is included in the package. Assembling the CNC is very fun and only takes around 3-4 hours to complete. You will be amazed by what can be achieved by this machine. Finally, you can build and own your very own CNC machine for a price that's within your budget!

12 x 12 x 2 inches travel capacity