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M CODES used in CNC

# M00 - program stop
# M01 - optional stop using stop button
# M02 - end of program
# M03 - spindle on CW
# M04 - spindle on CCW
# M05 - spindle off
# M06 - tool change
# M07 - flood with coolant
# M08 - mist with coolant
# M08 - turn on accessory #1 (120VAC outlet) (Prolight Mill)
# M09 - coolant off
# M09 - turn off accessory #1 (120VAC outlet) (Prolight Mill)
# M10 - turn on accessory #2 (120VAC outlet) (Prolight Mill)
# M11 - turn off accessory #2 (120VAC outlet) (Prolight Mill) or tool change
# M17 - subroutine end
# M20 - tailstock back (EMCO Lathe)
# M20 - Chain to next program (Prolight Mill)
# M21 - tailstock forward (EMCO Lathe)
# M22 - Write current position to data file (Prolight Mill)
# M25 - open chuck (EMCO Lathe)
# M25 - set output #1 off (Prolight Mill)
# M26 - close chuck (EMCO Lathe)
# M26 - set output #1 on (Prolight Mill)
# M30 - end of tape (rewind)
# M35 - set output #2 off (Prolight Mill)
# M36 - set output #2 on (Prolight Mill)
# M38 - put stepper motors on low power standby (Prolight Mill)
# M47 - restart a program continuously, or a fixed number of times (Prolight Mill)
# M71 - puff blowing on (EMCO Lathe)
# M72 - puff blowing off (EMCO Lathe)
# M96 - compensate for rounded external curves
# M97 - compensate for sharp external curves
# M98 - subprogram call
# M99 - return from subprogram, jump instruction
# M101 - move x-axis home (Prolight Mill)
# M102 - move y-axis home (Prolight Mill)
# M103 - move z-axis home (Prolight Mill)


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ESPRIT programming system is one of your DP Technology, a world leader in CAD / CAM software.For twenty years, DP Technology has an established position in the engineering industry, which is due to continuous development and use of the benefits of NC control systems.ESPRIT uses more than twenty years of experience in programming in the language of the ISO command and knowledge of machines working in the CNC system and its tools.DP Technology is investing 20% of its revenues in research and development.This ensures that the company always keep the leading position among the world's leading manufacturers of CAD / CAM.ESPRIT is an optimal system for operators and programmers looking for a friendly CAM system.It allows the programming of processing: milling (3, 4 and 5 axis)machine tools electroeroding WEDM wire.The program has a friendly Windows ® interface. The result is that the service and learning is easy and pleasant, often intuitive.The time needed to deal with the environ…

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Multi cut threading macro program example using G76

Custom Macro – Using variables for the Programming :

Ideal application for the use of Variable programming (i.e. Custom Macro Programming) on a CNC Lathe :

As such the usage is covering very vast application area. You name it and it can be coded using macros. But, by and large following are the core application areas :

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Square and Trapezoidal threading, circular form non-standard type

threading ;

2) Multi-start worm cutting ;

3) Face and radial grooving of non-standard type;

4) Design one’ s own cycle of any type.

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