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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5-axis machining

5 Axis Machining - For incredibly demanding machining of complex designs to execute a very accurate component. From Optical Switch to CT and MRI Scanner components. True 5 axis machining. CNC Machining - 3, 4 Axis machining services for close tolerance applications. While specialising in 5 Axis work, 4 Axis Milling for the truly discriminating needs of aerospace and fibre industries is offered. Precision Machining - Exacting tolerances of .00004” to .004” (one to one hundred microns). Unfortunately machining services for the automotive industry is not offered. Only ultra precision work. Wire EDM - The wire EDM department offers .001” dia wire cut with .0015” corner radii and a positional accuracy of ½ of a micron. (0.00002” or twenty millionths). Machine Shop - Machine shop is for precision machining but small parts only. Work Envelope Size: X:24", Y:14", Z:12" maximum. Micro Machining - Production of miniature components with micron tolerances is well within machining capabilities.

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