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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

converting mastercam file to solid works

To convert a file from MC9 to sw do so pls first

If u have a surface design in mc9 want to change it to sw ,in main menu of the MC9 click file -converters-iges-write file, brows ur pc and give a name to ur file (surface 1)for example ,and save it in the desk top or my documents or any where in ur pc and click save thats all for surface design in MC9 ,
to open the file in solid works click open file and select the file type (iges)then select ur file(surface1) which u already saved in the desk top , thats all
If have a solid design in MC9 want to change it to sw , in MC9 main menu- file-converters-(step or parasld) - write file then the same steps in case of surface.

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