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esprit software specifications

ESPRIT programming system is one of your DP Technology, a world leader in CAD / CAM software. For twenty years, DP Technology has an established position in the engineering industry, which is due to continuous development and use of the benefits of NC control systems. ESPRIT uses more than twenty years of experience in programming in the language of the ISO command and knowledge of machines working in the CNC system and its tools.

DP Technology is investing 20% of its revenues in research and development. This ensures that the company always keep the leading position among the world's leading manufacturers of CAD / CAM.

ESPRIT is an optimal system for operators and programmers looking for a friendly CAM system. It allows the programming of processing:

  • milling (3, 4 and 5 axis)
  • machine tools electroeroding WEDM wire.

The program has a friendly Windows ® interface. The result is that the service and learning is easy and pleasant, often intuitive. The time needed to deal with the environment through this program has been reduced to a minimum.

ESPRIT provides full control and supervision of treatment. From Microsoft ® VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) built into ESPRIT, you can create a macro (sub) and create a personal environment to suit your own needs.

The system has an extensive collection of tools, materials, technologies and integrated post-processor for communicating with most of the controls offered on the machine tool market.

Data Exchange

ESPRIT reads data from the following native formats: ACIS ® (SAT), AutoCAD (DWG), CSV file, DXF ™, Autodesk ® Inventor, IGES, Mechanical Desktop ®, Parasolid ® (X_B, x_t), Solid Edge ®, SolidWorks ®, TXT , VDA-FS. Optionally, the data converters are available with: CATIA ®, Pro / ENGINEER ®, Unigraphics ®, STEP, STL

KnowledgeBase ™

ESPRIT KnowledgeBase ™ (KB) provides automation tools dramatically simplify the programming process, including:

  • Project Manager - managing and organizing properties of parts, tools and machining operations
  • Process Manager - Capturing and applying best practices to maximize part quality and productivity
  • Viewer Properties - providing complete control of all treatment conditions
  • Library databases - database speeds and feeds, database tools, database default values, the base component / property, the database processes

Main features

  • Designed for Microsoft Windows ® 2000 Professional and Windows ® XP
  • Adaptive machining blocks and modeling of any part of the shape by
  • Parasolid ® modeling system
  • ACIS ® modeling system
  • NURBS surface modeling system
  • 2D/3D modeling grid system
  • Automated feature recognition
  • Rapid processing and optimization of NC
  • Simulation of solids and verification of NC code
  • Dynamic simulation of the entire environment: tools, equipment, workpiece, and an element
  • Control of treatment compared with the project
  • The universal post-processor that comes with postprocessor library
  • Dynamic graphics with OpenGL ®
  • Integration with Microsoft ® Office for the workshop documentation
  • NC code editor and a text messaging program 232 DNC
  • Customizable user interface, toolbars and menus
  • Context-sensitive help on-line based on HTML
  • Freedom Network Licences


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